Cybersecurity Awareness Training & Phishing Services

Cyberlitica's workforce awareness & phishing security solution helps organizations of all sizes reduce the risk of cyber breaches and demonstrate compliance.

Cyberlitica’s revolutionary phishing platform, iPhish, dramatically streamlines the management of governance, risk and compliance. Most importantly, it provides built-in security and security training for the workforce that most organizations lack.

Cyberlitica offers ready-to-launch, fun and engaging interactive training courses along with a company branded cyber portal and a phishing simulator. It’s designed to enhance your organization's security awareness program.

Cost effective, per-user pricing to fit every budget, iPhish provides you with the tools you need to successfully and effortlessly manage security awareness campaigns with maximum impact for the end-user.

Because of its unique outsourced scalability, architecture and cloud delivery, iPhish deploys rapidly and reduces the cost of compliance by as much as 80% or more. iPhish meets compliance requirements for SEC/FINRAPCI/HIPAA and others.

It’s market experience spans over 1,000 customers; Cyberlitica offers the insight, products, professional services and partners to support the security efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries.

Whether you have 25 or 25,000 employees we have the best solution to meet your cybersecurity needs.

The Cyberlitica team leverages over 100 years of workforce and cyber related experience and has relationships with many cybersecurity professionals globally both in the private and government sectors.

Fast, Flexible, Affordable and Easy to Use!


Cost effective, per-user pricing to fit every budget, iPhish successfully and effortlessly will manage your security awareness campaigns with maximum impact.

Phishing Simulator

Phishing is the #1 risk facing end-users today. iPhish will custom design your cyber campaigns that simulate phishing scams. A selected email is sent to all (or a specific subset) of a company’s employees, enabling them to see which employees and what percent of them would have fallen prey, had the simulation been authentic.


Cybersecurity Training Portal with Interactive Videos & Quizzes

We offer a fully hosted ready-to-launch branded cybersecurity portal with your company logo that includes interactive training courses, quizzes and training certificates once courses are completed. iPhish is mobile friendly, easy to use and all courses are tracked and reportable.



Compliance & Reporting

Training course and phishing campaigns include tracking and reporting of invites sent, progress, clicks, completion and scoring. Reporting meets compliance requirements for SOX/SEC/FINRA/PCI/HIPAA and others. Each employee will receive a training certificate once each course is completed.








Phishing Simulation

  • Customized Simulation Templates

  • Schedule Manager

  • Hundreds of phishing templates 









Security Awareness Training

  • Training Campaign Management

  • Interactive Online training videos (each lasting 2-7 minutes)

  • Comprehensive Course Library








Reporting & Analytics

  • Phishing Campaign Statistics

  • Report Exports

  • Click Reports

  • Completion Reports

  • Training Analysis Reports

  • Charts & Graphics

  • Management Reporting, Tracks Completion, Clicks and Quiz Scores