Meet our Team

Bob Schiff

Founder & CEO

Ed Moyle

Board of Advisors

Barry Morris

Vice President

Alex Hill

Director of Marketing

Jim Roberts

Special Projects

Jerry Chan

Chief Information Security Officer

Pete Tseronis

Senior Advisor

Chris Anderson

Board of Advisors

Roy Bloomberg

Board of Advisors

Lou Igaravidz

V.P. Midwestern Division

Marc Katz

V.P. Western Division

Breanna Bowman

Regional Sales Manager

Anthony Lippman

Cyber Analyst 

Mike Miracle

Board of Advisors

Carl Eyler

Board of Advisors

Richard Freiberg

Director of Sales

Scott Schober

Board of Advisors

Mark Milen

Board of Advisors

Dennis Kremer

Director of Services

Amy  Katz

Research Analyst

Elizabeth Simson

Research  Analyst 

Brett Patterson

Video Production

Emily Lisner

Special Projects

Eddie Lippman

Special Projects

Sarah Edwards

Client Support

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Phone: 917-740-7649 | 917-216-9444



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