Rogue Domain Intelligence Services

Reputation, brand, and loyal customers take years to build, but it can all be destroyed in an instant

Nearly 200,000 domains are registered every day. Many are registered by attackers to impersonate legitimate businesses and defraud their employees, customers and partners. That’s why monitoring your company’s domain presence should be a key part of your digital security strategy. But legacy tools can leave your analysts and security teams overwhelmed. Manually sifting through results—and determining which ones are false positives—is tedious and time consuming.


Cyberlitica’s Rogue Domain Service finds domains that are posing as your brand and stops them from targeting your employees, customers and partners. Using advanced algorithms, we discover and analyzes a vast body of domain data  to  uncover domain fraud and infringing domains.


Comprehensive 24x7x365 Domain Monitoring

We use a highly scalable detection system to continually analyze more than 350 million domains data sources and Dark Web intelligence with high-quality data that you give you accurate details of any domains that pose a security, trademark or other risk to your company and customers.

Our automated systems gives you a detailed view of your domain presence. It shows suspect domains by threat type and  risk  levels  to  help  you  prioritize  your response. This insight helps you quickly find scammers and cyber criminals impersonating your brand.


Unique Visibility into Your Domain

Our research has found that nearly one-fourth of domains imitating corporate brands also have active MX records. In other words, these domains are ready to send emails to your unsuspecting customers and employees. Without web content, these domains can be extremely hard to detect. Cyberlitica  is the only solution that gives you deep visibility into domains and their email activity. Armed with this insight, you can take action to stop potential phishing attacks, business email compromise and more. With automated tags that classify domains by risk level, you can quickly assess:

  • Domains that have MX records and are part of a phishing or cyber attack

  • Suspicious domains that are parked for a potential future attack

  • Brand-owned, defensively registered domains (used to prevent typosquatting and other tricks)

Our  Rogue Domain Intelligence service is an integrated part of our 24x7x365 Dark Web monitoring Service.

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• Quickly detect domains posing as your brand and putting your employees, customers, and partners at risk.

• Receive instant alerts when suspicious domains move from parked to a live, weaponized state.

• Find lookalike domains that use your brand to sell
counterfeit goods.

• Take action to limit exposure to malicious domains that can cause your company reputational harm.

• Find out immediately when counterfeit domains have email linked to that domain that can cause phishing havoc to your
employees, partners and customers.


  •  Discovers legitimate and fraudulent domains associated with your brand.

  •  Reduces time spent manually classifying domains and assessing risk levels.

  • Automatically prioritizes domains by risk level and accelerates awareness for security teams.

  • Identifies domains that are actively involved in email attacks.

  • Block and take down both suspicious sites and active scams