Rogue Domain Intelligence Services

How Cyberlitica’s Rogue Domain Service Works

Cyberlitica will Continuously monitor both the Dark Web and the surface web 24x7x365 keeping an eye on unlawful cybersquatting activity. Once a cybersquatting domain is spotted we will immediately notify you, and if you believe it violates your intellectual property rights or is prohibited by the applicable unfair competition laws, your attorney should contact the domain name registrar and request to unregister the domain name. Separately, and after receiving legal advice you may to file a legal action against the wrongdoer asking for damages.

Cybercriminals may leverage cybersquatting tactics to impersonate banks, healthcare providers or governmental authorities and lure inattentive website visitors into sharing their confidential information.

What is Cybersquatting?

Typically, users received a web link pointing to a cybersquatted domain by email, SMS or WhatsApp. They may also find the website in Google search results when looking for a specific company or branded service. The cybersquatted website has a URL with express mention of a known brand or trademark, aiming to falsely create an association with the brand or even impersonate it. Inattentive victims usually don’t see the difference, especially if the website design is aptly copy-pasted from the original one. In many countries, cybersquatting is unlawful and may even be punishable by the enacted criminal law.


Here’s how we can help…

Our cutting-edge technology searches through the surface web and  billions of Dark Web records and thousands of chat rooms & forums, identifying what is being said about your company and brand and instantly reporting back to you so you can take action. In short, we can predict and pinpoint who and where your levels of risk are greatest.  We can monitor this regularly so that your risk is minimized, and it stays that way.


Our  Rogue Domain Intelligence service is an integrated part of our 24x7x365 Dark Web monitoring Service.

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