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Why You Need Our Cyber Survival Kit for Individuals

What is  Cybercrime and what should I do about it?

Cybercrime occurs when someone unlawfully obtains another's personal information and uses it to commit theft or fraud." The type of personal information could be anything from general data, like your name or address, to more specific data like hospital records, tax return details or banking information. There are several common ways identity theft can occur.

Data Breaches : You provide health care agencies or social website some measure of personal data, their network is hacked, and criminals either use your data or sell it to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. One of the most damaging ID theft attacks occurred when an automated IRS service was breached and millions of tax records went missing. Fraudulent returns could be filed for years after the fact. The security breach on the Office of Personnel Management in 2020 exposed the personally identifiable information of 21.5 million Americans, including 4.2 million federal employees.

  • Unsafe Social Media Use : If some of your "friends" aren't so friendly, they could leverage your personal information that you or your family members have posted on popular social media websites for profit by attempting to apply for credit cards online or access your bank account.

  • Email Hacks : If you don't periodically change your email password, there's a good chance you'll be hacked. And if you use the same password for multiple sites, such as banking or shopping sites, hackers could obtain access to all your accounts, then lock you out and go on a spending spree.

  • Physical Compromise : Though not as prevalent as it once was, interested parties can still find out a great deal about you by going through your trash. Always keep financial and other personal documents for at least seven years, and shred all personally identifiable information before throwing it away.

Who's The Target?

The short answer here is: everyone. If any of your data is online—personal info, credit card data, address, phone number—you're at risk of being compromised. Criminals don't discriminate.

How Are You Vulnerable?

The more information you have online, the greater your risk.

What's Included in Your 157  Piece 

Professional Survival Gear Tool & First Aid Kit 


The survival kit includes 24pcs emergency survival gears,

116 pcs medical supplies, 10 pcs fishing tools and 4 in 1 EMT pouch.


Ideal for Hikers, Campers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and More.

Perfect for travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, climbing, outdoor sports, wilderness adventures, etc. Also Suit for Natural Disasters Survival Emergency, such as Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods and Fires.

Survival Kit Includes:

  • [157 in 1 Survival Kit]: Our survival kit with multi-purpose emergency survival tools and all-purpose highest standards medical trauma supplies. The survival kit includes 24pcs emergency survival gears, 116pcs medical supplies, 10pcs fishing tools and 4 in 1 Molle EMT pouch. Satisfy all your needs. Also a great gift for yourself, family, friends, Etc....


  • Includes the most popular and useful survival tools: tactical folding knife, wire saw, fire starter, compass, multi-function paracord bracelet (compass, whistle), work gloves, emergency blanket, folding pliers, saber card and more practical survival gears. An folding knife and steel wire saw for cutting wood or bone; emergency blanket can retain 90% body heat when you in cold; 10Pcs fishing equipment set can solve the problem of finding food outdoors.


  • [Comprehensive First Aid Kit]: Provides more than enough essential items to treat a single family or a group of friends under emergency circumstances, such as scissors, pins, tweezers, would pad, bandages, bandage triangulaire, cotton buds etc. You can deal with wounds and even dress wounds to prevent wound infections. Great for taking care of any medical emergency needs during wilderness adventures.


  • [Portable & Durable]: Made of high-quality nylon material, the included backpack has MOLLE compatible straps & quick removal velcro panel on Back, allow you to attach our Pouch to other tactical molle backpack, or hang it onto the Combat Vest, Belt. Strong durable waterproof and shock resistant. Only 8 "x 5" x 6", 2.55 pounds, small and lightweight, holds all the essential emergency supplies and survival tools, and you can carry it at all times, a perfect companion for any outdoor activities.


  • [Versatile Kit]: Helps you deal with any emergency situation. Ideal for Tactical Medics, Military, Police, Firefighter, EMT, Hunter, First Responders, Hikers, Campers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and More. Perfect for travel, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, cycling, climbing, outdoor sports, wilderness adventures, etc. Also Suit for Natural Disasters Survival Emergency, such as Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods and Fires.


Your Cyber Survival Kit Includes the Following:

24x7x365 Dark Web Monitoring & Notification

Instant notifications via email or text message within seconds of a data breach. Includes monitoring both your work and personal emails.

Dark Web Risk & Audit Report

Are you already on the Dark Web? We will tell you with our detailed Audit Report with a complete history going back seven years. See what breaches you were involved in, so you can take appropriate action now.

Dark Web Password Search Engine

Are your passwords for sale on the Dark Web? We can tell you with our powerful password search engine.

Cybersecurity Video Training Portal

Comprehensive video library that includes everything you need to know about how to stay safe in cyberspace.

Strong Password Analyzer

How do you stay safe on the Internet? The answer is with a very strong password. Our Strong Password Analyzer will help you get it right and keep you safe.

Password Organizer

Too many passwords? Don’t remember your password? Our organizer will make your digital life easier.

Scott Schober’s “Cybersecurity is Everyone's Business” Book

Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business cuts through the  scare tactics and hype to deliver the most imperative guidance for securing small businesses and everyone else" 

 Frank Abagnale, Security Consultant and inspiration for the film Catch Me If You Can

Cybersecurity News Flash Service

Find out immediately about the latest breaches that could affect you.


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  • Your subscription may include products and services that may be added or modified. You will always receive advance notice of any changes.