Cyberlitica Launches the First Comprehensive Cyber Survival Kit for Consumer and Commercial Markets


Cybersecurity Firm Packs in Over 15 Products and Services, Easing Ability to Combat Fraud, Fake News, Credential Stuffing & Information Warfare.


New York, NY—September 12, 2019:  Cyberlitica, Inc, a provider of threat intelligence services for the consumer and commercial markets, launched the most compressive suite of products and services available to combat cyber-warfare, credential stuffing and fake news—issues faced by individuals and companies alike.


Given the huge sums being spent to address cyber-attacks and the reputational damage they cause, companies (and consumers) are in search of technologies that go beyond just responding to security breaches;  they’re looking for proactive and predictive solutions to avoid such breaches altogether-- to create, maintain, restore or improve their customers’ faith and their market share. “Unfortunately,  they’ve met with only limited success,” said Bob Schiff, Cyberlitica’s Founder & CEO.  “With all the new products coming to market, consumers and business are receiving confusing and/or mixed messages.  They wind up doing nothing, which puts them at an even greater risk,” Schiff said.


Over 15 different products and services are incorporated into Cyberlitica's powerful new Cyber Survival Kit.  The kit includes malware analysis, dark web monitoring, breach & attack simulations, cyber awareness training, phishing simulations, a branded cybersecurity video portal, endpoint technology, a password organizer, password analyzer, dark web search engine, breach alerts, newsletters, books, how-to guidebooks and more.


Cybersecurity expert and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Scott Schober, said “Cyberlitica’s new Cyber Survival Kit is one of the most innovative cybersecurity products to come to market.  Incorporating numerous products into one offering eliminates the need for multiple vendors and piece meal solutions, making the decision to use Cyberlitica an easy one.  Companies using Cyberlitica’s Cyber Survival Kit are safer, and minimize the chances of being harmed by potentially devastating data breaches” said Schober.  



Cyberlitica offers threat intelligence services to employers and organizations of all sizes and across all industries. The company provides a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products and services to monitor and identifying risk from where it originates…the dark web…by delivering 24x7x365 dark web monitoring and notification services, as well the most cutting edge insights, professional services and customized training solutions that significantly mitigate risk.





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Cybersecurity Firm Cyberlitica Identifies 25 Voter Registration Databases on The Dark Web


Databases in Tight Races Are For Sale, with Millions of Voters’ Personal Information Exposed



New York, NY—October 25, 2018:  Cyberlitica, Inc, a provider of Dark Web monitoring and cyber awareness services,  announced today that its  research team has discovered that at least 25 states’ confidential voter registration databases (including those from Florida, Georgia, Texas, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania) are openly for sale on the Dark Web.   Additional states whose voter databases appear to be for sale include those from Colorado, Washington, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma and Delaware.   This newly discovered finding underscores the pervasive, real-time threat to individuals’ most personal information-- and its potential degredation  of the American democratic process.


At a minimum, individuals may be targeted for influencing and political messaging.  Voters in states such as Georgia are particularly susceptible to possible issues on Election Day;  The State of Georgia has an “exact match” law, requiring that there be no discrepancy between a voter’s registration information and the identification they might use to cast a ballot.  “If a hacker were to modify an election record such that it did not match the identification information presented by the prospective voter at the polling station, the voter could be precluded from casting their ballot,” warned Cyberlitica’s Founder & CEO, Bob Schiff.


What’s more, state voter information (which might include, but which might not be limited to, home address, age, phone numbers, voter affiliation, voting history and birthdates) can be misused by a hacker for a host of other illicit purposes.  “We believe this potential vulnerability must be addressed by the various state election systems immediately-- especially now that early election periods for many states has already begun,” said Schiff. 



 Cyberlitica offers threat intelligence solutions to employers and organizations of all sizes and across all industries.  It provides Dark Web audit and monitoring services, identifying risk from where it originates… The Dark Web.  It delivers 24x7x365 Dark Web monitoring and notification services, as well the most cutting edge insights, professional services and customized training solutions that significantly mitigate risk.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rebrands Under Cyberlitica, Launches New DARK WEB Audit Applications For The Enterprise


New Workforce Threat Intelligence Application is Meeting Demand for Preventing Extortion, Ransomware and Data Breaches


New York, NY—May 4, 2018:  iPhish is proud to announce that it is rebranding under the new name of Cyberlitica.  Cyberlitica  is also releasing the much anticipated  Dark Web Audit application that identifies employee risk from where it can originate… on the Dark Web.   


Cyberlitica’s Dark Web Security Audit service gives companies enhanced insight in to their cyber risk, by informing them of how many of their employees’ work email addresses (and passwords) are for sale on the Dark Web. “Our game-changing notification service regularly scans the Dark Web, letting companies know--within seconds--which employees’ email addresses and/or passwords were breached, so that appropriate action can be quickly taken” said Bob Schiff, Cyberlitica President & CEO.


Why this matters; research suggests that 80% of employees use the same password for multiple applications. Thus, if a password associated with an employee’s work email is available for at least one application (for example: LinkedIn or Dropbox) chances are that same password can used to access proprietary systems, enabling a hacker an unforced entry in to the front door of your company’s key systems, potentially stealing:


  • Corporate information

  • Financial information

  • Payroll/Human Resources information

  • Customer information

  • Intellectual Property (IP) information


This information, if stolen, can severely threaten a company’s viability, its reputation with its customers and its employee’s personal data.  What’s more, it subjects the company to potential viruses, ransomware and extortion.


When used in conjunction with Cyberlitica’s  phishing simulation and training tools, Cyberlitica can drastically reduce, and virtually eliminate, risk for your company… all at a fraction of the cost of a hack and with no infrastructure needed. 


About Cyberlitica:

Cyberlitica offers the insight, products, professional services and partnerships to support the security efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries.  Whether companies have 25 or 250,000 employees, Cyberlitica offers the best solution to meet your company’s cybersecurity needs.  The Cyberlitica team leverages over 100 years of workforce and cyber related experience and has relationships with many cybersecurity professionals in both the private and government sectors.

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