Photolok’s Usability and Security Capabilities


Usability:  Since it’s easy for users to remember and select their login photos, online access is simplified, frictionless, and habit forming.


Bad Actor Attacks Averted: Common hacking methods like BOTS and keylogging are blocked because the user’s photos are randomized among photo pages and the encrypted identity codes are concealed inside the user’s photos.


Situational Security Alerts: The user can label photos (1-time use, duress) for security alerts and protection in unsecure situations and/or in forced entry circumstances.


Agile Security Coding and Customization: Photolok’s source code supports rapid changes in security levels and facilitates customized integration with client access methods.


Source Code Scrubbed for Vulnerabilities:  For assure security, Photolok’s source code has been thoroughly evaluated for external and internal vulnerabilities by a recognized 3rd party company who used hacking teams to attack the program and infrastructure.