Introduction to Innovate

Innovate Holdings, LLC is a highly decorated veteran-owned consulting firm and global leader in generating savings, controlling costs and driving profitability.  Our goal is to redefine the way our clients address their key cost controls relative to their business challenges and yield real savings by creating executable strategy.  Innovate’s purpose is to enhance our client’s profitability by managing spend and suppliers to achieve specific, bespoke client goals. 


We serve as complementary extension of our customers’ teams enabling focus on core competencies while we address the areas of savings and third-party management based on spend opportunities.  We are not your typical consultants:  we have actually done this and know how to produce clear financial results and hard savings over agreement terms irrespective of the client’s type of business and size.  To date, we have completed over $40 billion in deals with over $7 billion in savings for our clients across broad spectrum of commodities and industries:
















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On average, we yield $17 in benefit for every $1 spend on our services.  Innovate partners with clients to deliver best in class strategy and procurement through project-based work, outsourcing and/or consulting frameworks with focus on strategic sourcing, buying, supplier performance management, data, systems and analytics, and outsourcing with business continuity plans.  We are not tactical procurement of consumables organization - our approach encompasses spend analysis tailored to your needs in order to identify areas of strategic savings and outsourcing opportunity not achieved with clients’ internal resources.  Our costs are typically 80% lower relative to larger competitors and our fees are typically project based and milestone driven, fees at risk with vastly improved ethics and reputation for our clients and with no retainers. 


Combined with agility, perseverance and leading innovation, we enable outcome sustainability and position our clients for successful future.  We have helped others ranging from Fortune 50 to start-ups. 


Let us know how Innovate can help YOUR organization.