What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a layer of the Internet that is not accessible through typical search engines. The dark web is only accessible through special browsing software and allows users to remain anonymous, making it easy to buy and sell illegal items and services such as your personal info very inexpensively. For example, did you know that your usernames and passwords cost approx $.25 on the dark web?


Just imagine what a hacker can do to your corporate network for less than $1.00

Cybercriminals buy and sell stolen data on the dark web to commit identity theft and fraud. The money accumulated often funds criminal and terrorist organizations around the world.


What is a Dark Web Scan?

Dark web scanning helps organizations detect cyber threats that expose stolen email addresses, business accounts, and other personal information on the dark web. Cyberlitica's dark web scan uses human and artificial intelligence to scan criminal chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks, and other sites.


Why is Dark Web Scanning Important?

A dark web scan identifies stolen credentials and other information that is circulating. The scan can detect data from hackers private sites that may require a membership within the cybercriminal community to enter.


Dark Web Scanning for Your Businesses

At Cyberlitica, we help businesses of all sizes protect their data from cybersecurity threats. Our security team runs 24x7x365 dark web scans and notifies our clients immediately so they can take immediate action when the results come back less than ideal. We provide comprehensive data tracking and reporting as well as real-time alerts to help you manage and mitigate threats before they happen.


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