What is the Cybercrime Exposure Analysis?

Our Cybercrime exposure analysis helps detect cyber threats that expose information that is stolen such as email addresses, passwords, business accounts, intellectual property and other information on the dark web. Cyberlitica's uses a powerful algorithm along with human intelligence to scan criminal chat rooms, databases, logs, forums, private networks, and other dark sites. The exposure report will show you how vulnerable you are to cybercrime so you can take action now...before its too late. 


Research suggests that 80% of individuals use the same password for multiple applications. Thus, if a password associated with an employee’s work email is available for at least one application (for example: LinkedIn, Box or Dropbox), chances are that same password can be used to access proprietary systems, enabling a hacker an unforced entry into the front door of your company’s key systems, potentially stealing: Corporate information,​ Financial information, Payroll/Human Resources information, Customer information, Intellectual Property (IP) information Such information, if stolen, can severely threaten a company’s viability, reputation with its customers, partners, and its employees’ personal data. What’s more, it subjects the company to potential viruses, ransomware and extortion.











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