Cybersecurity for Attorneys

The Problem Facing All Attorneys Today

Data breaches are an everyday event, and legal professionals have a specific obligation to protect themselves and their clients from exposure to these threats.

The first thing lawyers must know is that it is not usually obvious when a firm has been hacked. “The vast majority of the time, (hackers) are using your stolen credentials, as opposed to breaking through technical walls. Then they act like you in the firm’s network, accessing all the files you have access to.

Another common threat comes through malware in an email, also known as a phishing attack, where an individual is asked to click on a link or open an attachment that has been weaponized in such a way that the attacker gains access to your computer. Nation-state attackers target private businesses in 21 percent of breaches to steal data to advance their espionage activities or interests. And firm employees often don’t realize they’ve been hacked for weeks or months, and they usually find out after being contacted by the FBI.

Hackers may insert themselves into an email conversation related to a wire transfer, then redirect the funds to accounts they control. This is a growing type of attack. This is real, and  happening every day. Traditional security measures – build big walls to keep out the bad guys – don’t work anymore. Now, firms must leverage good industry standard frameworks, regulatory requirements and tactical responses to guard against common threats.

This is not an IT issue. This is a risk management issue about how you protect your data. breach as cyber episode in which “material client confidential information is misappropriated, destroyed or otherwise compromised, or where a lawyer’s ability to perform the legal services for which the lawyer is hired is significantly impaired by the episode.

The New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics has similarly concluded that a lawyer must notify affected clients of information lost through an online cloud data storage provider. N.Y. State Bar Ass’n Eth. Op. 842 (2010). According to the NYSBA, “If the lawyer learns of any breach of confidentiality by the online storage provider, then the lawyer must investigate whether there has been any breach of his or her own clients’ confidential information, notify any affected clients, and discontinue use of the service unless the lawyer receives assurances that any security issues have been sufficiently remediated.” 


 The bottom line is that all firms – big and small – need to be careful with data to protect themselves and clients. Practice good cyber hygiene and make sure your providers and vendors follow suit. You can never outsource accountability. This includes ongoing employee awareness training and testing, patching, conducting regular vulnerability risk assessments, implementing and monitoring a disaster recovery plan.

Cyberlitica is in the business of cyber risk management. We prevent companies’ digital information and intellectual property being held hostage by cyber criminals.


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