Cyber Survivals Kit for Individuals and Families


Why You Need Our Cyber Survival Kit

The Problem Facing Individals and Families Today

What is  Cybercrime and what should I do about it?

Cybercrime occurs when someone unlawfully obtains another's personal information and uses it to commit theft or fraud." The type of personal information could be anything from general data, like your name or address, to more specific data like hospital records, tax return details or banking information. There are several common ways identity theft can occur.

Data Breaches : You provide health care agencies or social website some measure of personal data, their network is hacked, and criminals either use your data or sell it to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. One of the most damaging ID theft attacks occurred when an automated IRS service was breached and millions of tax records went missing. Fraudulent returns could be filed for years after the fact. The security breach on the Office of Personnel Management in 2020 exposed the personally identifiable information of 21.5 million Americans, including 4.2 million federal employees.

  • Unsafe Social Media Use : If some of your "friends" aren't so friendly, they could leverage your personal information that you or your family members have posted on popular social media websites for profit by attempting to apply for credit cards online or access your bank account.

  • Email Hacks : If you don't periodically change your email password, there's a good chance you'll be hacked. And if you use the same password for multiple sites, such as banking or shopping sites, hackers could obtain access to all your accounts, then lock you out and go on a spending spree.

  • Physical Compromise : Though not as prevalent as it once was, interested parties can still find out a great deal about you by going through your trash. Always keep financial and other personal documents for at least seven years, and shred all personally identifiable information before throwing it away.

Who's Stealing Your Information?

Cyber thieves are a diverse group, and many come from some quite unexpected places. Privacy Matters points out that over half of victims know their attackers. It could be a coworker, friend, employee, neighbor or even a family member. Tech-savvy children may see benefits in stealing Mom or Dad's credit card and Amazon login to buy a few items, assuming there's no real "victim" if they eventually come clean and apologize. Work acquaintances may see an opportunity too good to pass up if you leave your computer unlocked, or your wallet sitting out. Petty criminals are getting in on the action since it's possible to download turnkey malware programs for little or no cost. Organized crime gangs making use of trained computer science graduates are also out looking for large quantities of personal data. These groups are often responsible for big retail attacks and health care breaches. The sheer volume of this data is worth a great deal on the black market.

What Do Thieves Do With Your Information?

There are two tracks here: immediate use and holding for sale. Criminals who want to use your data right now will try everything, all at once. They'll try to hack email, smartphones and retail sites to access bank accounts—all while calling credit card companies to create new user profiles. These attacks are short-lived, however they can be financially ruinous. Other criminals will hold on to your data and either try to sell it or open a single new credit card that they'll use until the limit is reached and you start getting calls from the collection agency. These attacks are harder to detect and can add up to greater losses over time.

Who's The Target?

The short answer here is: everyone. If any of your data is online—personal info, credit card data, address, phone number—you're at risk of being compromised. Criminals don't discriminate.

How Are You Vulnerable?

The more information you have online, the greater your risk.

What We Offer Individuals and Families
Only $9.95 per month for families up to 4 people
Includes the following:

24x7x365 Dark Web Monitoring & Notification

Instant notifications via email or text message within seconds of a data breach. Includes monitoring both your work and personal emails.

Dark Web Risk & Audit Report

Are you already on the Dark Web? We will tell you with our detailed Audit Report with a complete history going back seven years. See what breaches you were involved in, so you can take appropriate action now.

Dark Web Password Search Engine

Are your passwords for sale on the Dark Web? We can tell you with our powerful password search engine.

Cybersecurity Video Training Portal

Comprehensive video library that includes everything you need to know about how to stay safe in cyberspace.

Strong Password Analyzer

How do you stay safe on the Internet? The answer is with a very strong password. Our Strong Password Analyzer will help you get it right and keep you safe.

Password Organizer

Too many passwords? Don’t remember your password? Our organizer will make your digital life easier.

Scott Schober’s “Cybersecurity is Everyone's Business” Book

Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business cuts through the  scare tactics and hype to deliver the most imperative guidance for securing small businesses and everyone else" 

 Frank Abagnale, Security Consultant and inspiration for the film Catch Me If You Can

Delete your private data automatically

Make files, messages and other data vanish automatically 

Cybersecurity News Flash Service

Find out immediately about the latest breaches that could affect you.

Optional Products and Services


Identity Theft  & Monitoring

We offer the most comprehensive Identity theft, Monitoring, and Recovery services available at unmatched prices. By combing data from Innovis, Lexis Nexis, ChexSystems, Accurint, Certegy, CoreLogic, OptOut, Department of Motor Vehicles, Medical Information Bureau and more we leave no stone unturned in uncovering ID Fraud.

passwordsFAST Storage Device

passwordsFAST is a standalone device that stores up to 125 passwords. All you have to remember is one simple master password to unlock the device. Not connected to the internet by design. 

Protect Your Digital World with YubiKey

Stop account takeovers, go passwordless & modernize your multifactor authentication.  

And More!

ONLY $9.95 per month for up to 4 Family Members