Cyberlitica Launches Advanced Chatroom-Surveillance Application to Help Avert Cybercrime


Cyberlitica aims to reduce cybercrime utilizing sophisticated Chatroom algorithms to combat ransomware and information warfare.


 Cyberlitica, Inc, a leading provider of proactive cybercrime intelligence services, launched one of the most compressive chatroom algorithms to battle ransomware & cyber-warfare.   


Nearly all companies and government agencies face the threat of cybercrime caused by criminals who plan to monetize the acquired information. Cyberlitica’s algorithm analyzes hundreds of known chatrooms on the dark and surface web 24x7x365 to identify cyber threats that can cause a tremendous amount of harm such as the recent Colonial Pipeline breach as well as the JBS Meat breach.  Cyberlitica reviews the information and confirms its authenticity before notifying clients.   


Given the huge sums of money being spent to rectify the consequences of cyber-attacks, including ransomware, reputational damage, institutions are in search of technologies that go beyond just responding to security breaches:  they’re looking for proactive solutions to avoid such breaches altogether and to create, maintain, restore or improve their customers’ faith and their market share.  “Unfortunately, the organizations often have limited success”, said Bob Schiff, Cyberlitica’s Founder & CEO.


“With over 25 years of cybersecurity experience and working with hundreds of suppliers in this space, we at Cyberlitica felt as a company that this may be the missing link that is needed to curb this ransomware pandemic that we are experiencing,” said Schiff.


Cybersecurity expert and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Scott Schober said, “Chatrooms and bots are only growing in popularity so bad actors and their malware are increasingly targeting these mediums.  Cyberlitica’s proactive approach to this problem is novel enough to help curb the problem of rising ransomware attacks.”   

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