Cyberlitica’s THRON Chatroom-Surveillance

Helping the Enterprise Proactively Avert Cybercrime


Our goal is to reduce cybercrime utilizing sophisticated Chatroom algorithms to combat ransomware and information warfare.

Cyberlitica’s THRON Chatroom-Surveillance Application is a fully automated surveillance system for data collection and analysis of Internet chatrooms. Our system can be deployed in the background of almost any chatroom as a silent participant. The surveillance is done in the form of domain profiling for a particular company or executives within an enterprise.

​Nearly all companies and government agencies face the threat of cybercrime. Cyberlitica’s powerful THRON Chatroom-Surveillance algorithm analyzes hundreds of known chatrooms on the dark and surface web 24x7x365 to identify possible cyber threats to an organization or agency. ​​

Although human-monitoring of each chatroom to determine who-is-chatting-with-whom is possible, it is very expensive and time consuming hence not scalable.

Internet chatrooms provide for an interactive and public forum of communication for participants with diverse objectives. Two properties of chatrooms make them particularly vulnerable for exploitation by malicious parties. First, the real identity of participants is decoupled from their chatroom nicknames. Second, multiple threads of communication can co-exist concurrently.

​​Chatroom traffic characteristics changes significantly from one chatroom to another. However, quantifying such characteristics enables us to build tools that can not only eavesdrop into a chatroom but also it can discover sub-communities and hidden communication patterns within the room.

​​Cyberlitica reviews all the information and confirms its authenticity before notifying clients. 


Given the huge sums of money being spent to rectify the consequences of cyber-attacks, including ransomware, reputational damage, institutions are in search of technologies that go beyond just responding to security breaches:  they’re looking for proactive solutions to avoid such breaches altogether and to create, maintain, restore or improve their customers’ faith and their market share. 


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